Saturday, April 30, 2011

Five No Calorie, Low Cost Ways to Brighten Your Mood

What are you willing to do that could change your mood? Is it something that you can access without dipping into the calorie or cash budget?

1. Write a Thank You note. There is nothing like an “attitude of gratitude” to put you in a better frame of mind. It doesn’t have to be a note to Aunt Grace for the ugly sweater that you never intend to wear, or one that you feel like you “owe” or “should” write. No, surprise yourself and someone else by writing to a deserving, but unsuspecting individual. There are lots of people who make our daily lives easier, better or brighter just by doing everyday jobs…the school nurse or crossing guard, your stylist, your spouse, a neighbor who picks up your mail when you are away. Just writing the note will change your attitude, if you allow yourself to really get into the moment.

2. Sing or listen to music, your favorite music, even holiday music, no matter what anyone else thinks or the time of year. I have a friend that loves Christmas carols and plays them in his car during his commute with the air conditioner on full blast after a particularly stressful day at work. During especially difficult times in his life, he even makes a fire in the fireplace at home and recreates the holiday mood. Sounds funny, but think about it...

3. Take your shoes off for a moment and wiggle your toes. Wiggling your toes can be like a breath of fresh air, well not for those around you... It can take you back to your childhood and it also changes your posture.

According to the science of Reflexology -- which has been around in other cultures for thousands of years -- your feet are a kind of master control panel for the rest of your body. "Meridians" in the body -- which are those channels of energy treated by acupuncture -- end up in the feet. So the ends of those meridians in your feet connect with every organ and every part of your entire body. When you wiggle your toes, you are stimulating -- and thus relaxing -- your entire body. (Incidentally, this is a good place to mention that you can be energised and relaxed at the same time. It's a matter of the quality of that energy. If it flows freely and smoothly, you will be relaxed. If the energy flow in your body is restricted or blocked, you will be tense. Toe wiggling helps to bring about a relaxing, free-flowing energy.)

4. Really look at something alive. Study a caterpillar, watch a leaf blowing in the wind, or watch the expressions on a child’s face as they play or tackle their math homework. Connecting with something outside yourself, especially something with a life of its own\ will give you great perspective and draw you away from your own struggles for a restful moment and can turn into your next adventure.

5. Smile for no reason. Yes, you have probably heard that smiling releases endorphins and can influence your mood, but another reason to smile is …..When you smile people are more likely to smile back, except on the subway. My less than scientific reason is that it reminds you of other times that you have smiled or enjoyed someone else’s smile, and if your cheeks begin to hurt from the strain in just a few seconds, it may mean that you haven’t been doing nearly enough smiling lately and that there are other areas of life calling out to you, happier ones that you haven’t made time for or sought out lately.

You are never more brilliant, more beautiful, or stronger, than when you are fulfilling your own unique destiny. It is the only way to live honestly and the only true gift you can give the world. DeAnne Pearson

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