Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, I noticed recently that the Assistant Principal, Megan, at our school had a great smile the other day while I was waiting to pick up my kids for a dental appointment. It made a difference in how I felt right that moment. I could feel a warm smile having rushed in from work to get the school in time to sign the kids out, and make it to the appointment in time. I mentioned her smile in the front office to the staff, but only after I asked if Megan minded a "good rumor" being started about her. More about that later, the reaction to my comment was more than I expected....The clerk in the office then said that she was really good with the kids and smiled, then another staff member smiled a huge smile and nodded in agreement. I really don’t know the assistant principal very well, so the response from the staff was enlightening to me and encouraged me to pay more attention to what was going on right then for me. It made a difference for me. I was also, reminded that often I am in such a hurry, so caught up in my own day or my own “mess”, I overlook the simple things, like a smile. Personally, I just like the image of the Assistant Principal at our school, sharing her wonderful smile with a child or a staff member that especially needs later in the day, and making yet another difference, maybe even a chain reaction! Why ask before you start a "good rumor"?

1. Some people really don't like a lot of attention, not even the "good" kind. (Obviously, this is not in my genetics.)

2. People don't always have the same values, and may not appreciate in themselves what you see as a gift, expertise or skill, etc.

3. Yet, other would rather need a bigger sign of affection or encouragement, a hug or, even applause.

4. It is just polite to ask before you mention someone else by name, especially in these times when privacy is rare.

It is amazing how one smile turned into 4 right before my eyes....Our school is good at math.