Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post-It Note Goals

There are lots of models out there for goal setting which can be very complicated and very technical. You can even sign up for a service through Pronagger.com to pay someone to nag you professionally! Let me know if you want to know more about that.
1. Take a stack of post-its out with a pen. Write down any 3-5 things you would like to see appear in your life quickly. Make the goals nouns. It could be a feeling like, Love, Health. It could be something that you haven't made time for like, Art, Romance.....
Write anything that is important. There is no selfishness and no one watching. This is for you!

2. Take time to be with the words on each post-it and choose the one that calls out to you the most. Let me know if you struggle with this part.

3. Now, to take the first step, think of one thing you could do towards that goal. Even if you chose "World Hunger", I want you to think of a small step that you could do in the next few weeks, an easy win, like donating 4 cans of food to the Foodbank.

This goes back to the old adage:
"How do you eat an elephant?"
"One bite at a time, just like you eat anything else."

4. Did you choose? Now, how do you want to motivated or supported?
Some of us choose nagging, others choose encouragement.

Here are some examples:
Art- 2 completed works (they don't have to be perfect, just finished.)-Encouragement
Health/Exercise-walk with friends 4 times a week- nagging
Health- Going to the gym 4 times a week- nagging

5.Now put the post-it note somewhere you will see it everyday. I like mine beside my alarm clock in the beginning. Then after that no longer works, I move it to my bathroom mirror to catch my eye.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Talking With My Mouth Full

“We cook and eat for comfort, nurture and companionship. We cook and eat to mark the seasons and celebrate important events. We cook and eat to connect with family and friends and with ancestors we never knew. And through this baking and breaking bread together, we come to know who we are and where we came from.”

Talking With My Mouth Full, Bonny Wolf’s book

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood

Walk in the rain, jump in mud puddles, collect rocks, rainbows and roses, smell flowers, blow bubbles, stop along the way, build sandcastles, say hello to everyone, go barefoot, go on adventures, act silly, fly kites, have a merry heart, talk with animals, sing in the shower, read childrens' books, take bubble baths, get new sneakers, hold hands and hug and kiss, dance, laugh and cry for the health of it, wonder and wander around, feel happy and precious and innocent, feel scared, feel sad, feel mad, give up worry and guilt and shame, say yes, say no, say the magic words, ask lots of questions, ride bicycles, draw and paint, see things differently, fall down and get up again, look at the sky, watch the sun rise and sun set, watch clouds and name their shapes, watch the moon and stars come out, trust the universe, stay up late, climb trees, daydream, do nothing and do it very well, learn new stuff, be excited about everything, be a clown, enjoy having a body, listen to music, find out how things work, make up new rules, tell stories, save the world, make friends with the other kids on the block, and do anything else that brings more happiness, celebration, health, love, joy, creativity, pleasure, abundance, grace, self-esteem, courage, balance, spontaneity, passion, beauty, peace, relaxation, communication and life energy to...all living beings on this planet.
Tell a Friend-Bruce Williamson, It's Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood, 1987