Friday, April 27, 2012

Much "to do" at The Art Garage

It was great being at the Art Garage with the Soup Sisters, although we missed Holly and Peggy. We spent the evening catching up with celebrations, struggles and support. The soup was Chicken Tortilla (a bit bland this time), everyone pitched in veggies, fruit, chips, dip, cake, sodas and wine. Kelley, the owner of the Art Garage, was ever the professional and unconditionally supportive of all our artistic endeavors. There was no real lesson from the book we have been following, but I did reflect on the different approaches to art and the outcome of the activity. Some were into the process, painting for painting's sake. Some were taken aback by the inventory and choice that had to be made, BSO, Bright Shiny Object, Syndrome. Others wanted a specific outcome and to vet out what the product would look like in the end by studying the color samples, looking at finished pieces on display, and pulling up Google images. One came with a very clear idea and design in mind and barreled through with determined, precise and measurable steps to get the detailed design onto the clay. Wow, so many approaches to the event at the Art Garage. How do these approaches reflect our approach to life, to new experiences, to everything? Does how you showed up there reflect how you show up everywhere? Here is my confession: I am have BSO Syndrome. Peggy knew that already, right Peggy? LOL I went in with the goal of painting a soup bowl, then I was distracted by a little Kio fish dish that called out to me. Yep, that is pretty much how I am in my life. I have a plan, goals, even make a few steps towards these goals, then a BSO comes into my sight. Then, I have two competing interests! So, what do I do? • I put things on my calendar that are really important. • I keep a “to do” list on my desk. • I voice my intentions when I can to someone who will keep me accountable. • I cross out things on my “to do” list as I complete them, so that I clear the path and maybe even do a little victory dance to clear the path and keep my energy up. • I notice when something gets bumped to the next day's to do list over three times. Then, I ask myself what the avoidance is about. o Am I over-booking myself? o Is this really important to me? o Is there any deeper reason that I might be avoiding this task? o Can I drop it from my list, and feel good about it? So, what did I do? Well, the Soup Sister’s Night at the Art Garage was on my calendar, I made the soup, got to the Art Garage almost on time, and the Kio dish will look great with my Sushi and Sake set. I didn’t paint a soup bowl, but I connected with wonderful women in a meaningful way and that is not bland at all How about you? How do you show up? Do you know where you are going? Do you let yourself off the hook from time to time?

A Crappy Week

Are you having a crappy week? Try this story. Once upon a time there were two children, each was given a golden key and asked to make a wish. Then, they were led down a hallway where each child chose a door that they believed would match their key and grant their wish. Surprisingly, as the two children carefully chose a door turned the key the both doors opened. When the children looked inside they discovered that each room was filled 6 feet high with crap. The first child threw down the key, slammed the door, muttered and stomped back down the hall. The second dove right into the room and began digging away in the crap, hand over hand, flinging it over each shoulder and with excitement and glee. When asked what the child was doing, the child replied, “I thought that with all this crap, my pony must be in here somewhere!” What did you get from this story?