Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stitches in Hearts by Haley

Recently after a family friend died, I told Haley that this has been a hard year, with my mom being in the hospital so long and so many surgeries, then the loss of our Mary Lou. I have had many tears. Haley said to me that she saw this past year differently. more about lasting love. She wrote it out in a beautiful story called with her own perspective:
Stitches in Hears
We all know we have close friends and those that are family. Some friends are so close they are like family, but there are some people who disrespect your ways. But, ignore them, they don't get the way your inspiration works. Your family and friends get the way you think. Sometimes they can put imaginary stitches in your heart...Like when you give something like a get-well card, a thank you note or a present. It just tells them the important thing about them.....but you should work on this. It tells them you were nice, and keep using the gift you got. And those that have died, they will still have those stitches you put. But somewhere nice, they are still alive to you. Dead or alive, they will still have stitches. These stitches feel good to have. Then she drew a little quilted heart.....
Somehow, this made all the difference to me as she told me all about the stitches that don't hurt, the little acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, time and gestures that seem to brighten someone for just a moment....They last a lifetime really in the hearts of the ones you love. She is so wise for 9 years old, and she keeps me in stitches.

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