Friday, April 27, 2012

A Crappy Week

Are you having a crappy week? Try this story. Once upon a time there were two children, each was given a golden key and asked to make a wish. Then, they were led down a hallway where each child chose a door that they believed would match their key and grant their wish. Surprisingly, as the two children carefully chose a door turned the key the both doors opened. When the children looked inside they discovered that each room was filled 6 feet high with crap. The first child threw down the key, slammed the door, muttered and stomped back down the hall. The second dove right into the room and began digging away in the crap, hand over hand, flinging it over each shoulder and with excitement and glee. When asked what the child was doing, the child replied, “I thought that with all this crap, my pony must be in here somewhere!” What did you get from this story?

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