Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So, where is the rest of you?

My friend, Carolyn Scarborough, and fellow coach reminded me this week about how we often give away too much of our time to what comes next instead of being truly present. I know I tend to do one more thing and one more thing and add one more thing to my list throughout the day, especially this time of the year. However, we can do nothing about the past and have no control over the future. This moment in time will never come again. It is a rare, unique gift whether I am watching Rudolf for the 100th time while the kids laugh and bring it to life all over again or when I catch up on emails with my dog wedged in the chair next to me snoring.

So, my question for you is where are your feet right now? Really plant them where they are and be in this very moment. Become aware of how they feel, cold, warm, bare, slippered, tired. We aren't talking about whether they are pedicured or not. Then, take time to gradually become aware of what is around you gradually- needs, wants, people, environment, sounds and take it in.......Your feet are in your life right this moment, but you are more than just your feet. So, where is the rest of you?

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